Love And Romance

Romance in your hand

It is natural for humans to have feeling of Love and affection. Here are some signs and clues which indicate love and romance see them on your hand

Area for love and romance

Mount of Venus lies at the base of Thumb. This tells about quality of relationships, Sex & Physical Potential

If this is raised, good relations with spouse & friends. Broken lines and cuts on it indicate tense relations. If there is sign of star on it then love marriage and if there is sign of square then this is indication of Parents agreeing for love marriage.

A healthy color, indicates much love and compassion for partner. They are good parent. If the color is red then one is impulsive this also indicate action prone person. If this mount is less developed then one may face problem is child birth.

Caring Person

Heart Line is indicates compatibility , passion and emotions . A person with longer deep heart line with no cuts & breaks will be loving, caring and understanding. They also have better relation and better marriage . If the line reaches at the end of palm then one do get physical if there demand is not welcomed.

One with short line are demanding ,free thinkers .Willing to take risk if the partner is attractive. Luxury and the comfort of physical things are life's purpose. They are mentally aware people.

Extra marital Affairs

The lines with red are called sexuality lines . One Line indicate happy marriage. Two Lines show good sexual relation with spouse or partner . Three Lines indicate extra relation or affair. If the finger tips are heavy then one gets emotional and

If the finger lower areas are on the fatty side this also indicate a demanding person when it comes to sex and love making . There relations are not stable but If the Head line is of good quality then one is caring and romantic.

If all the fingers are exceptionally long (compared to the palm) then one has convincing nature loves talking and preparing before they go for action.

If the fingers open wide then one is romantic. Fingers going forward makes person rigid . they do not welcome there partner having more friends.

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