Profession in your hand

A good job coupled with a comfortable life is what every individual desires and dreams of. But it is only a very few among us who are lucky enough to get a job of his or her choice. Those with a positive attitude in life learn to live with whatever they have while those with a negative bent of mind spend their life cribbing and complaining in whatever profession they are.

In this article of mine I have explained the best suitable job for you according to you quality of hand and Lines of hand . Check in your hand which is most suitable profession for you. However it goes without saying that those who get a job of their liking are more successful in life.

Persons with knotty fingers possess an analyzing nature they are basically Philosophers who do not accept anything and everything easily. If such a person has a long sun finger, then he is successful in related fields too. Professions like architecture, Scholars, teachers, writers, research oriented field, Detectives, event management graphic designers , Antique business are suitable profession for such people.

They can earn fame in music and art industry, Creative fields If such a person has knotted fingers too, then he or she can be author or professor too. If the Mount of Moon . is well developed and the fingers are long, then the person can choose a job in the field of communication or prove a good Veejay or a Radio Jockey .

The Defensive Mars plays a major role in the life of those people who are engaged in the technical or information technology field. If the palm is heavy,then the person is bound to be efficient in computer technology or doctors.

If the person has a heavy and pinkish colored hand, then he or she is capable of succeeding in the police or armed forces or can also be a good sportsperson.

If a person has a well-developed Mount of Moon along with a long index finger, then they can try luck in teaching. They can be good professors teachers , preachers even astrologer. Tourism sector is also right for them .They can be guide or navigator.

Persons with a strong line of Mercury or Mount of Mercury are suitable for professions involving calculations, mathematics, science, communication and law. If he or she has a long little finger and a long middle finger, then he or she can prove to be a good lawyer. A long palm with long fingers and a well-developed Mount of Mercury shows that the person is ideal for a job in the field of accounts.

Persons with a strong Mount of Saturn are slow but they are very careful about minor details too in whatever project they undertake.

If a person has a strong hand and his or her Saturn finger or Saturn line is long, then he or she is most likely to succeed in the research or technical field. If along with this, his or her Line of Head is well developed, then a job in engineering or medical surgery is ideal for him or her. If these Lines are long they give financial stability in Life.

Article By Nisha
Astro palmist
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