Jaimini Astrology

Jaimini astrology

The knowledge that we have on Jaimini Astrology today is based on ancient texts known as Jaimini Sutras. It is a unique system of astrology though the predictions are synonymous with that of Parasara system. This system is based on the principle that a planet that has highest degrees in any sign rules characteristics and life of the native.

The unique features of Jaimini System are:
  • Seven karakas represented by seven planets
  • Aspects of the signs
  • Dasas of zodiacal signs
  • Application of different Dasa systems for different events in life
  • Results of combinations of karakas or yogas of karakas
  • Advanced system of calculating strength of planets


Jaimini introduced the concept of karakatvas for planets. He categorizes seven planets as Atmakaraka (Own self, considered the strongest planet) Amatyakaraka (Career) Bhratrukaraka (Brothers and sisters) Matrukaraka (Mother) Putrakaraka (Children) Gnatikaraka (Cousins and relations) Darakaraka (Husband, wife) according to the descending order of the longitudes of planets in the signs they are. The planet with highest number of degrees is called as Atmakaraka and the one with the least degrees is called Darakaraka.


Jaimini introduced a new way of aspects for signs and the planets in them according to the nature of signs. The rule is simple; Planet in movable sign aspects fixed sign, planet in fixed sign aspect the movable sign and planet in dual sign aspects another dual sign.


Yogas in Jaimini system are quite different from the traditional system of Yogas. There are of course Raja Yogas, Dhana Yogas and Arishta Yogas. These yogas can be considered from the position, aspect and conjunction of Karakas.

Dasa System

Dasa Systems that propounded by Jaimini are several. Dasa systems are mainly that of Signs and not Planets unlike Parasara System. By using each kind of Dasa one can easily predict certain specific events in one’s life.

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