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Astro Palmistry

Online Astro - Palmistry Consultation:

This is a unique service offered by the Institute of Palmistry. A combined study of both horoscope and palm reading will give clear picture of what is in store of your future. When we are not sure about our time of birth then analysis of both horoscopes and the palm helps us to reach to right conclusion, as our hand can never be wrong. Horoscope help in knowing celestial placements while the palm indicates our inner self. Coupled with our remedies, this is the best guidance one can get.

Get your personalized future prediction from your friendly astrologer, Nisha.


1. Consult Astro Palmistry-

What will you get ?
Combined report of Horoscope and  Palmistry covering important event  Career / Marriage/ Health etc With remedies and percussion .

Rs 8200 (India) - USD 133 (Outside India) Make Payment

Method of Taking Palm Image

Points to be kept in view while taking hand print or Image

  • Send handprint or image/impression of both the hands. The print or image should be complete hand from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger in width.
  • While taking image or the print keep all the four fingers closed including the thumb as shown in the diagram.
  • In case you see that the lines in the image taken by a digital camera or Electrostat machine or scanner are not clear, you may obtain the print by lipstick method.

You can obtain your hands image by four methods:

Through Digital Camera

While taking image through Digital camera, keep the camera in a vertical position so that the whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained.

Through Mobile
While taking image through Mobile, keep the Mobile in vertical position so that whole image from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger is obtained.

Through Scanner
For taking palm images through scanner, place the palm against the glass of scanner applying pressure. Don’t shake the palm till the image is obtained.

Method of taking print with lipstick
For this method, use dark red coloured or brown coloured lipstick. Take two sheets of white paper, one for right hand, other for left hand, both of which are a bit larger than the size of your hand and a thin layer of cotton. Stretch the white paper on hard and smooth surface. Keep the cotton layer below white paper on the portion of the palm where central portion of the palm rests. The Central portion of the palm is a little hollow. The lines of this portion will not come out clearly if cotton layer is not kept below the paper. Dry the palm after washing the same and spread lipstick evenly on entire palm and fingers. Keep the lipstick bearing palm on the white paper and press it with the other hand as shown in the above figure.. While applying pressure, the lipstick bearing palm should not shake at all. Then remove the palm from the paper. You will see that full print of hand lines has come on the paper. After that, take a print of thumb from base to tip separately on the blank portion of the same paper.

In case the lipstick-bearing hand shakes while taking the print, the lines will not come out clear .In such a case wash your hands, dry it, and take the print by applying lipstick once again. The same procedure should be repeated in the case of other hand

Important Precautions

On the paper bearing print or image, write your name, age, sex and date of taking print.

If you could send images taken by more then one methods, you may send them all. The institute will select the perfect one and send consultation on its basis
It is compulsory to send the image or print of both the hands. Please send more than one print for accurate answers.

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