Mounts of Palm

What Palmistry Reveals about

The raised portion of flesh is called Mounts in Palmistry. They indicate the activity of various centers of our brain. They are the magnetic centers which delivers the message of the sub conscious mind in the shape of lines. Each palm is divided into nine 9 parts known as MOUNTS. Each mount reveals mental as well as physical peculiarities of the individual.

At the base of the first finger adjacent to thumb is the index finger represents that part of the brain which speaks about ego, conscious, religion, wisdom and awakened mind. In Palmistry this is known as the "Mount of Jupiter".

The next finger adjacent to index finger is generally longer then the other fingers and it is called Middle finger. Small space below middle finger is connected to that center of the brain which controls soberness ,reasoning and ,dedication. In Palmistry it is known as Mount of Saturn.

The third finger adjacent to middle finger is known as ‘ring finger’ .A small space below this finger represents that part of the brain which relates to authority, fame and adventure. This space is popularly known as Mount of Sun.

The basal space of the little finger adjacent to ring finger is related to that center of the brain which speaks about the degree of eloquence and controls the practical aspect of profit and loss, knowledge and expressing skill.. This popularly known as Mount of mercury

The space between the base of the thumb and the wrist is related to that part of the brain which is responsible for the relationship between man to man . These relations include emotions of sex , sympathy comforts .This space is known as Mount of Venus.

The space opposite the mount of Venus above the wrist is concerned with the emotion, imagination and conscious mind. . The popular name of this space is Mount of Luna or the Mount of Moon.

A small space between the ‘Mount of Luna’ and below the ‘Mount of Mercury ‘represents that center of the brain which is responsible for patience and endurance. Based on the peculiarities of space Prof Daya Nand has named this space in the books written by him as the Mount of Defensive Mars. This space has been shown in the figure in light green colour.

A small space opposite ‘Defensive Mars’ and below the ‘Mount of Jupiter’ and above the ‘Mount of Venus’ is related to that centre of the brain which is responsible for the aggressive tendency of a person. Prof Daya Nand has named it as Aggressive Mars. This space has been shown in the figure in voilet colour.

The middle portion in between all these mounts. e.g. The middle of palm ,which is usually hollow ,is related to that part of the brain which makes a person enterprising ads energy and resistance . This space has been shown in the figure in turquoise blue color. This space is popularly known as the Plain of Mars

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What to look in your hand

Main lines

The Main lines are found on 99% hands. They are the life line, the heart line and the head line. These lines give basic information about you, like how you function physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Life Line

The Life Line tells of the Health, Vitality ,General energy level, Quality of life and Prosperity

Head Line

The head line reflects the state of your mind and brain. It reveals the level of Intelligence, type of intelligence, memory, concentration. money and wealth.

Heart Or Love Line

The Heart line reflects your heart, on both physical and emotional levels. It indicates emotions, passion and sensuality, the ability to love and accept love, emotional maturity and relationships.

Secondary Lines

The secondary lines are those lines which are formed by the electric currents emanating from some centers of the brain. They run from the wrist to the fingers and are very important.

They are the Line of Fate or Saturn, Line of Fame or Sun and Line of health or Mercury. These lines are not found on all hands. They reveal about the ups and downs in a person life. The questions regarding divorce, career, success, profession, travel, journey etc can be answered through the study of these lines.

Line of Fate / Saturn This line is most commonly called the Fate line. This line indicates the amount of money and property a person will possess and his prospects in business or in employment. The strength of this line determines our chances of achieving a decent standard of living based on the goals we have set for ourselves.

Line of Fame / Sun reveals the success of a person's endeavours. It is a subsidiary of the line of Saturn. The sun line’s presence gives a boost to the existing fate line. A strong sun line can be possessed by many well known people in the field of arts, music and writers. This line also indicates happiness and good fortune.

Line of mercury- A very important line and not formed on all palms. It indicates a person's health, cleverness, business acumen as well as the ability to study science or energy in research field.

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