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Finance predication with numerology helps you to plan your money and financial matter for year 2019 . Money is important asset as it helps in keeping our life going. It adds happiness since we are able to fulfil our wishes and desires . It adds respect in society .
No one wants financial crisis , losses and debuts . If we know in advance what if going to harm or benefit us then we can plan our finance better.
2019 Numerology financial prediction can give us a brief insight of our monitory conditions .We can work on our policies and priorities . We can get benefited with small changes and investments.

Finance 2019 , Know what future hold for us for coming year in advance . .

Number of Year 2019 is 3 Governed By Planet Jupitar . Jupitar is a planet of Money, Gold and abundance. It is called Dhan karaka . Year 2019 is going to be beneficial for many .
Year will bring Abundance for people born in 3st , 12th , 21th and 30th .Native born on 15th December to 13th January and 14th March to 12th April will also be influenced . Its strong effect will be on Zodiac sign Sagittarius , Pieces, Cancer and Capricorn . Lot of hard work is required for people having birth number or Life Path Number 4 and 7 . Other birth dates which will enjoy good finance and money are 1st 2nd 9th 11th ,18th ,27th.

Date 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

The beginning of the year 2019 would be slow in terms of wealth generation and investments, whereas the second half would prove to be more beneficial for future prospects and monetary resources. Financial dealing with loans would increase during this year. You can invest in real estate house and property . Business partnerships will prove beneficial for natives having birth date of life path number 1, 2 and 9 . Natives with birth date 1 can buy a new vehicle . Your spouse might spend extravagantly during this period, but their help and support would help you in gaining money too.
There will chance of getting a new job for native having life path number 1 and 2 they can also start new venture . People with repeated number 1in their birth date would be able to fetch an increment in their existing jobs. The year will be good for politicians . Nisha says natives having life path number 4 should be alert in investing in shares .
Natives involved in gold business bullion market and investment banking year will bring many opportunities .

Lucky color:– yellow

Lucky number:- 1 , 2, 3 and 9

Remedy - Wear a gold article in form of ring or chain.

Date 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

Year 2019, business with foreign countries/ collaborators would prove to be a beneficiary. The efforts and energy that you invest in earning wealth would yield positive results in the beginning of year. A women will play a key role in making or spoiling your future so avoid arguments . There is possibility of getting a new job in January for native having life path number 1 and 5. They can invest in shares and real estate or buy a house . Marriage can prove beneficial.
People having life path number 4 partnerships might collapse from mid-year they can face heavy financial loss. Native with life path number 6 however, they would be revived towards the end of the year and produce enormous financial success. More expand char for people having life path number 3 is indicated .
People working in travel industry, Ayurveda ,import and export , doctors , ladies garment the year will prove favourable . Numerologist Nisha suggest to add on personal savings .

Lucky color:– Turquoise

Lucky number:- 1 , 2, and 9

Remedy - Keep Kuber Yantra in Praying place .

Date 3nd 12, 21th 30th

The year 2019 would be erratic when it comes to wealth money finance . You would have a sudden gains, more love affairs and travel . You have good professional fortune how ever new polices are needed to win the race . Improved efforts at your office would yield constructive results and would lead to a surplus inflow of money. Natives with life path number 1,2,3 can think of new Business ventures. Life path number 5 and 6 if associated with computer software, medicinal products and surgical equipment’s would face tough competition.
Many of you will get promotion incentives and increment. The end year would bring fresh challenges in business partnerships, it can lead to loss of money. Nisha says natives with repeated number 5 in date of birth should not take risk in exploring business opportunities abroad as this can block revenue prospects. Year will be benefice for natives dealing in education sector , school , collage, law and politics .

Lucky color:– Red

Lucky number:- 1 , 2, and 9

Remedy - Keep a Vyapar-Vruddhi Yantra at your business headquarters and worship it regularly.

Date 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

A good monetary planning and supervision is required in the year 2019. People with date of birth 4 need to be cautious while making decisions about finance. Native with life path number 7 can face losses in business job legal cases . Nisha suggest them to do investment in the end of year . The later part of the year seems to be favourable for buying and selling of shares.
Date of birth 31st can face scams need to be aware of. The end of the year would be promising for computer workers, Sale and purchase of property ,house, vehicle can take place . legal involvement is also seen . However, you must resist from making any risky investments throughout the year to avoid a financial crisis.
People involved in medicine industry , dance ,drama acting media can fetch huge profits. Business ventures with the partnership opposite sex will flourish . Relation with maternal uncle may spoil . Life path number 7 should save and avoid expand char .

Lucky color:– Green

Lucky number:- 1, 3, 5

Remedy - Pray goddess Lakshmi with sweets and Gulab Jal .

Date 5th, 14th, 23nd

In the year 2019 will start will competition . With wise move you will be able to encash it . The year will be neutral with not many ups and downs .Put a check on people trying to misguide you . Year will be full of planning and movements . Travel can get you better opportunities. Investment in shares and trading can be fruitful . A help from family / spouse can bring positive results . You can start a partnership with family .
Job / business with foreign land can be major source of monetary gains. Natives with Lifepath number 1, the year would prove to be an excellent for natives who are engaged in buying and selling shares. People with life path number 6 can be extremely competitive . Some of you can refurnish your house. You need to tighten your belt as excessive expenditure of money would lead to the destruction of personal and family material resources
People dealing in Businesses like books , library marketing, communication and fitness equipment’s would prove to be a good source of stable profit. Monetary benefits are indicated for you.

Lucky color:– Blue

Lucky number:- 1, 3, 8

Remedy - Chanting Vishnu Sahastranm regularly will help you .

Date 6th, 15th, 24nd

In year 2019 creative ideas and expression can attract lot of opportunity . Meeting with appropriate people and sharing of burden in the work area can help you to move ahead progressively . Understand values and priorities . An exciting news in the middle of the year can bring stable progress. . Avoid delay and disruption in work place .
Year will start with a bang for native with life path number 5 . Repeated number can bring more exciting results . Nisha says cautions is recommended with life path number 2 .Family businesses would thrives well, but any business that is done in collaboration with your friends as partners might run into trouble during the last phase of year . The year does not look suitable for the purchase of lands or any other residential or commercial property.
Tough work at your job front would pay gorgeous dividends in terms of improved outflows. those who are associated with a business that deals with pharmaceuticals would get success in the middle of the year .Business ventures related to film industry , luxury items , garments, perfume industry , hotel will see growth .

Lucky color:– Peacock blue

Lucky number:- 4, 5, 7, 8

Remedy - Keep Lakshmi yantra in the north side of work place.

Date 7th, 16th, 25nd

Year will be favrouble avoid doing things that irritate others . You are likely to get head start . During the year 2019, you would indulge in an aggressive pursuit and management of monetary resources. Business partnerships in coalition with your younger siblings and friends would flourish well during this year.
Life path number 1, 2 are suggested to work with utmost care and precautions as they might get into trouble with authorities over financial mismanagement. The year does not look suitable for the purchase of office , house , property . Nisha says you can start new venture in partner ship
Natives with life path number 7 should choose traditional method of working . Natives with repeated number 6 in date of birth will face adverse situation. Business in the sector, such as medical Drugs , surgery and catering units might not yield the desired profits, hence no new investments should be done so as to avoid future losses.

Lucky color:– Orange

Lucky number:- 3, 5, 6, 9

Remedy - Ganesh Mukhi rudraksha can invite prosperity in life .

Date 8th, 16th, 25nd

As per the Finance 2019, native with date of birth 8 are advised to make best use of their of there powers in right directions . Native with date of birth 26 can start planning and investment in expiations of business. There can be sudden financial gains. Natives working in Government sector will get recognitions. you would be able to make a sound financial judgement towards the end of the year.
Numerologist Nisha advices to people having date of birth 17 to avoid making any kind of investment in the share market/ mutual funds , Life path number 4 are advised to avoid heavy investment or loans as they might not only turn up to be unprofitable, There can be various other risks to a high extent. Life path number 8 and 1 can start new business in partnership with your younger siblings . Resist the temptation to buy or sell any kind of property as it could result in a big financial loss.
People working in the field of Army, fire industry, doctors, engineers, civil services ,government sector , hotel industry year will bring gains.

Lucky color:– light red / orange

Lucky number:- 3, 5, 6

Remedy - Keep Gomti chakra in your purse .

Date 9th, 18th, 27nd

Consistent performance will pave the way for promotion . Pending major task will get initiated soon . Overseas business trips will likely to get start now .Implementation of new ideas will bring promotion .
According to the Finance Horoscope 2019, you would seek for a change in your job, you would be able to fetch satisfactory results. The income of your spouse would increase, which would help in saving more . However native with number 3 life path will initiate for better standard of living thus spending more . Life will be more stable for native with life path number 1 ,2 3,and 9 . Life path number 1 can acquire wealth / inheritance . For native with repeated number 4 in date of birth Family business can run into trouble .However the situation will improve towards the end of the year. People working in education ,Service sector professionals , Leaders , politicians , spiritual leaders , law , school ,collage , would come into prominence and earn well during 2019

Lucky color:– Brown

Lucky number:- 1,2,3,9

Remedy - keep Nav grah mantra and chant Surya Gaytri every day .

Note:– This is a general prediction which can differ from person to person for personalized prediction I need you Date of Birth, little detail of what are you doing and your query , Additionally you can send the photos of your both palms. I will answer your questions and will suggest you Remedies Solution.

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