How to Determine the Type of Marriage through Astrology?

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Today, young couples have become more independent and like to make their own decisions. They prefer making their career choices and also choose their partner for marriage. However, no matter how advanced our people have become, marriages are still dependent upon the astrology. Hence, many expert astrologers can help you with your queries related to marriage and are also capable of telling you whether you have love or arranged marriage.


Why Astrologers are Contacted for Marriages

When it comes to getting married, people are generally interested in knowing whether they are going to have an arranged marriage or love marriage. Such questions are usually directed to astrologers who can answer your questions. Based on your horoscope, an astrologer can answer your questions. The two main things that are considered while making the prediction – Venus and Mars. To understand this further you can contact a love marriage consultant in Delhi.


What is Considered in the Prediction?

Astrologers will look at the position of Venus and Mars in your birth chart. Venus indicates male, while Mars is for female. It is said that the 7th house determines whether the marriage will be arranged or not. This house includes Venus, Mars, Moon, Lagna, and Sun. looking at the position of these elements the marriage is determined.


Facts About Love Marriage in Astrology

The most important element in astrology, in the case of love marriage, is Venus. Venus is considered as the planet of love and hence, its placement in the birth chart places a very important role. If the placement is not right, then you can't have a successful love marriage. However, if the 5th and 7th houses are connected, then the chances of having a successful love marriage are high.


Lagna is another element in the birth chart that helps you in knowing yourself. Each house connected to the relationship has its significance. 5th house is connected to romance, 7th house is connected to desire, and the 11th house is connected to the compatibility between two people. However, all these things can become successful when the planets are strong, there is no combustion, and there is no effect on yoga.


There are many other combinations that an astrologer will look at when it comes to determining the possibility of having a love marriage.


Facts About Arranged Marriage in Astrology

When it comes to arranged marriages in astrology, the 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses matter a lot. They should be well connected to have a successful arranged marriage. However, this also depends on how these houses are connected, i.e. whether they connected with the sun and moon or other houses, etc. These connections will determine who will help you in getting the right bride or groom for you such as brother, mother, father, or any other relative.


So, next time you are visiting an astrologer concerning your marriage, then do make sure you have enough questions and get a clear idea for your marriage.




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