Secrets of Palmistry

I have been interested in learning about lines of palm since my adolescence. Psychology ays has also been my favorite subject right from day one. While studying both the subjects I detected a close and deep relationship between palmistry and psychology .

While studying the hands of my friends and relatives I realized that this branch of knowledge has a definite psychological and physiological basis. Its mysteries gradually began to unveil after continuous and deep study in the subject

There are many myths prevailing about palmistry and few of most common beliefs are that one who has a long Line of Saturn or Fate line is rich man . Other most common belief is that a person with a short Line of Life has a short life. And if long Line of Life is bisected by the Line of Mercury it proves dangerous for his life. Most interesting saying is that if lines of marriage are more than one in hand , then the person has many marriages, which is appsalutley wrong. So called marriage line reveal sexual potential of a person. More in number depicts good quality of sexual life and long lasting relations.

To remove my doubts, I studied more and examined more hands and found out that Line of Fate is actually line of effort . It shows the quality of efforts done by person. To know financial status of person many other lines and factors of hand are considered which normally people do not bother to check. Head line is most important since it talks about intelligence of person. I call Head Line backbone of palm. Its good quality adds strength. Strength to earn more and make right decisions’ where as bad quality decreases potential. Other most important factor for financial stability is quality of hand which always take the back seat.[see fig 1]

Other common belief is that when a long Line of Life bisected by the Line of Mercury proves dangerous for his life. My experience is just opposite . While reading hands of many people I found out that it was there time of growth and success in life not trouble and my prediction was correct since most of people agreed with my statement. Because Line of Mercury originates form Life Line not terminate. So when ever any line begins if its quality is good it brings happiness and success .


Different parts of palm and different fingers indicate different types of intellect. Those with very well developed Mount of Jupiter seek respect and honor. One with well developed mount of Aggressive Mars would not bow or succumb before any one. In Palmistry the spot near the wrist Mount of Moon is tells us about imagination. [ See fig 2]

The desire which lie dormant in our subconscious mind are building blocks of the future .These desire show them self as lines on palm . When we read the lines of palm we are in fact trying to read the subconscious because only reading of subconscious leads us to read the future.