New Moon Can be Reason of Your Mood Swings

Do  you get mood swings  Are You feeling Low , Tence , Anxiety, Restless. Is mind full of confusion ? This Happens during New moon day and Amvasya .   Many people face this kind of situation  This normally happens with people who have week moon in there kundali ,horoscope ,in there chart or palm .


 Planet moon is karka For Mind.  If Strong In you Hand or Kundlai or Horoscope can give you refined temperament makes you graceful , Youth ful , Kind dignified ,and Loyal  . You are fond of travelling ,Romance ,idealist . you can be good writer or  musicians
 If moon is week in Hand or horoscope then One is Unluck disreputable, unreliable, shifty wandering ,  emotionally unstable ,anxiety, moody and depressive .
But Certainly degree of planet and negative signs on palm on Mount of Moon are checked before we conclude . 

Written By Nisha Ghai