Decode Your Karmic Debt In Lines of Hand

   Do you see Difference in Lines of Right and Left hand .
   This is a significance of our  past Karma   which can be  judged in  our  palm  in form of Lines on Hand. I have seen thousands of hand with difference is lines of both hands. It is not a subject to worry instead to realize and judge our deeds and actions .  Lillie difference in both hand lines can be avoided but too much of difference in  both hand  is not considered good.

    Which hand reflects past  Karma

Our passive hand is a hand of our past karma .  The hand we use less while working is called passive hand  which can be left or right as it differs from person to person . Our active hand with which we write it reflects present karma.


 Which Lines are bad

  Break in Major lines like life line , Head Line , Heart Line in Left Hand are  or say passive hand is not considered good they do talk about some kind of karmic debt  . 


Which Lines are good

Straight deep lines are good. they make person successful ,happy , going , and energetic


 What happens if  Right hand Lines are good

 Right hand is our present karma, our actions.  The good straight Major lines of right hand talks about improvement in life made by us .By our good deeds, actions right planning. This makes person wealthy. Wise  and Confident Lucky   . On the other hand if active hand lines are bad then it indicate that native has   spoiled his destiny due to wrong actions , lack of knowledge  stubbornness. . . 


 Connection of Past and Present  Karma

  As per my father  professor Dayayand Verma our past present and future  to most extent depend on our past  karma and Genes .  He says the lines are formed in our subconscious brain, and our Subconscious brain is storing house of our present and past thoughts and deeds. We can take it as computer hard drive The event that our important are recorded in our subconscious brain . Our hand has direct link with our subconscious mind .The book Human Physiology  edited by E.B Babsky says that 25% of human brain somatosensory area is controlled  by hand . So we can say whatever is in mind is in our hand and that we way a good palmist can read past, present and future.  

 The difference In  both hand show  weather you have improved or spoilt  your Karma . And the good news is that we can change it as well with our intelligence.

Have you Improved or spoiled your karma

If the   active hand or working hand has bad lines that means you have spoiled your future with your  wrong decisions .  Good Straight  lines is good significance  brings  better fortune .


 Decode the Karmic Debt

 In this picture there is difference in both hand head Line . The Right hand head Line is broken and has island where as Left hand Head Line is Straight and Joined .  head Lines talks about intelligence level , use of brain , ideas , planning capacity,  self earned money , organ Head , Spinal Cord And Blood pressure 

The joint Head Line in  left  hand gave him good  parental standing . finance, wealth money , birth in a good family adding luck.


The broken  Head Line in right hand   Indicate  that   due to wrong planning , working, lack of judgment he faced savoir  career problem leading to financial crises  thus spoiled his money condition and  health which leaded him financial Debt and Heart attack .



 More facts

So many times It can occur that the left- and the right-hand are very different and therefore show different properties. This can bring big change in life  This can mean that an emotional property has changed dramatically or that you are conforming to certain, daily situations or routine. It can also happen that your left-hand shows a talent but your right-hand doesn't. This means that you haven’t fully developed that talent or that you are not aware of it. Also differences can indicate that it looks like that it goes well with you but that in reality – mentally – you are sick or weak.

When there is little difference between the two hands than you have a balanced and harmonious character and also your inner life is in balance. In that case you are just yourself and treat everyone equally.



  We can Improve our karma 

The difference in lines of both hand is self made. We can change this difference for brighter future by self analysis ,meditation , our habits our work culture and positive thinking and correct balance



Written by

 Nisha Ghai

 Palmist and  Numerologist