Count Your Enemies

Count Your Enemies. 

 Most of us have enemies  which bring hurdles and obstacle for us in our life .  Now you can count then in your Palm. I will tell you how .

Enemy Lines are normally called   Badha  rekha and many call them Influence lines  The other popular name for these lines are worry  Lines . These “Enemy ” lines are mostly found near the thumb. They create personal stresses, worries and difficulties in our life.  These worry lines are believed to represent the  negative influence on person. If they are at Mount Of Venus then the negative influence is  from family .They can be your  immediate family brother sister in-laws spouse marriage partner etc, and some time they break marriages.  if they are present on Mount of Mars then from  or outside  family like friends ,college etc.

When the worry line is  deep and strong, the impact is strong.  And when it is weak and fragmented, the influence is weak.

When these worry lines  crosses the Life Line, it indicates that the negative effect is extremely stressful that the health and well being of the person get affected.