I had my palm read by you on Saturday and I just wanted to say thank you, not only for the things you told me but for the most unbelievable energy I felt from you (still feel it now!). I never physically experienced anything like that before and it's made me think about delving even deeper into spirituality, meditation, healing, astrology, etc etc...I have so much more faith now. So, thank you . . .
Vipin I am deeply interested in Palmistry from childhood. Last few years, i decided, let me DO something about it. So , naturally i started searching for a Genuine organisation, which taught Palmistry. I have burnt my fingers also, by joining some bogus institutes. Due to decency, i am not mentioning their names. Only a person, who is thirsty, can enjoy water to the fullest. only a person , who has been suffering scorching heat, can relish the shadow to the fullest and who has had bitter experience in other institutes can understand fully, a Genuine Organisation.

About the Course material of "Institute of Palmistry" :

Prof Dayanand Verma and Mrs Nisha are the BEST.
Best, meaning, very accurate, honest and highly reliable.

About the Course Director: Mrs Nisha

She clarifies, the doubts, in a most efficient way.
I trouble my teachers, with zillion questions, and my mentor Mrs Ghai, not even once, had hesitated, or lost her patience,in clearing my doubts.
Her answers, are like hitting the Bulls eye, Precise, Convincing and to the point. No evading of answers.
She also, makes us learn by ourselves, that is the most important thing, i feel.She sends sample Palm prints for us to read and make our own report and corrects it. Our knowledge increases considerably by this.
To sum up, in one sentence,
I am proud , that i am astudent of this Institute.
With much respects to my mentor

S Vijaya saradha I studied the palmistry books you had sent. Those 3 books are very powerful tool when it comes to the prediction. I have learned a lot by looking at patient,s hand. There are all kinds of lines, but the basic idea is there.
I appreciate your small books yet so powerful in clinical approach, and your compassion along with it. Thank you very much for your kind guidance.
Dr. T. Jongwan Kim Thanks mam for giving me honest and realistic prediction. I am proud of Nisha for her great contribution to the study of Palmistry. She has much clarified some confusions and has guided me well. Her remedies are easy and not expensive
V. Kathrene
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