Jupitar The planet of Luck and Money

Jun 25, 2020

In Palmistry Jupiter is a very important planet . If the mount of Jupitar is raised in hand it  makes one cheerful,  hopeful ,leader ,easy going sympathetic,  intelligent , religious , honest and it mount of Jupiter is not developed then it leads to exaggeration one is self indulgent 

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Can A Palmreader Predict Future

Dec 12, 2016

Many People ask me this question Can we know future through palmistry and my answer is always YES
 Palmistry is a science which is related to Human Physiology . A  Doctor  guide you  about health  by seeing symptoms.  In a same  way  a Palmist  can guide you about your strong and week points and your fortune just by seeing Lines of Hand . Palmist Is also called a Physic Reader  .
 Lines of our hand change as per out thinking processes, but not over night or dramatically. It takes months to change .  It is for  good since life is not stangnent then why should future be .

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