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Aries Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Arians, As per Astrology Horoscope 2018 Year2018 is year of challenges. You may succeed at financial front but money earned will not stay with you. You may face constant hurdles. Promotions can delay. The relation with boss may get better. Later half of the year will be better. Jupitar will transit in 7th house in beginning of year can give marriage. There can be change in job ,transfer and financial investment. Finance will rise . Student want to apply for competitive exams can apply from June to October 2018. Hard work will repay. Students in higher studies can receive good news .Give your hundred percent. You can spend money in repairing vehicle. Domestic peace and happiness can get disturbed in the month of Aug . You can face dilemma and confusion. You may get connected with some VIP in later half of year Nisha Says 2018 Horoscope predictions forecast that the first half of 2018 is fabulous for love and marriage. According to the Astrology 2018 and Palmreader Nisha Astrologer Numerologist and Hand Analyst Nisha Ghai foretell that you may get support of seniors in the month January . As per the predictions of horoscopes 2018 Rahu in fourth house can give domestic unhappiness.

Aries Trade Profession Finance Money –The year can prove tough for you financially from Jan to August. An advice from teacher or guru can show you light. You may miss big Deal or contracts in the month of February. If you were struggling to go abroad, time seems favourable. . Businessmen will spend to expand their work and may do something new with a new planning. If you want to own a new car or home put some more efforts and your wish will be fulfilled. In order to get good results you will have to exert more .Your rivals my challenge you. Targets will be achieved. Maintain fiancés well do not deal with strangers.  Get your 2018 Financial report . .

Aries Love Marriage Relation –Relation with spouse will get better . Misunderstanding in your relations can resolve . The relation with In-laws can strain . Students can face result related problem . People planning for child can get good news . Some may receive love proposal .Avoid extra exposure of love since it can harm relations. You may meet some old friend who can prove to be a great help. Marriage can take place. Do not pressurize children extra pressure can hamper their talent. Get your Love and Marriage Report

Aries Saturn Transit – Satrun in 2018 will remain in Sagittarius . Your nineth house Saturn can give long travels , illness /surgery /operation to father . You may suffer some kind of separation from near and dear one and trouble from enemies can cause problems .It may cause professional obstacles.  Get Sade Sati report today..

  • Advice - A good Planning will help you sail through. Don’t over trust people.
  • Do not speak harsh words and do not intermingle personal and professional duties
  • You may get involved into dispute due to your aggressive behaviour. Get your personalized 2018 Report.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa or wear Moonga stone for better ment in difficult times

Taurus Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Taureans, in 2018, as per general horoscopes Reading, The Year 2018 will give mixed results The Land and property matter may get held up. Physically you will keep healthy. Saturn transit in 8th House may give mixed results . Avoid any kind of dispute and handle the situation carefully. Career wise this year can prove significant. You will achieve your targets. Legal cases can prolong. You must monitor your associate activities. You will accomplish your tasks properly and will also l receive the honour and respect. As per Best Astrologer Palmist Nisha position of Saturn in your eight house may bring hindrances in your income. In addition to this, horoscope 2018 Astrology Predictions foretells that you may face lack of compatibility in your personal life. Astrologer Nisha says You can win over this situation by putting some efforts. If we talk about your love life, Rahu in third may give foreign travel and more friends . As per wealth, this year Nisha says it is going to be brilliant. As per 2018 horoscope predictions, You may spend on some domestic appliances like washing machine, fridge, etc. students, will get unexpected results.

Taurus Trade Profession Money Finance - The year may start with confusion but you may get new sources of income . Although business will not give great results .Business wise this will be lucrative year. A good year for professional. You may sign new deals .Pay your taxes in time or income tax related problem may crop up . Those in service may get transfer. Stay patient and let everything happen as it is. By the mid of this year, things that were disturbed will get back in form. You will be able to compete with your rivals. Those who are planning to go abroad for work might get successful results. The laziness in work will increase and few may get good profits in the beginning of year Get Career and Finance Report

Taurus Love Marriage Relation - Taurus native are by nature sentimental. Saturn transit in 8th House may give mixed results as per marriage and happiness. Spouse health may suffer . You may get more tilted toward someone of the opposite sex, which may lead you into extra marital affair or you may get into more than one relationships .Family may not support you much this year . In the beginning of year you may get involved in love / affair. The property related disputes with siblings can be solved. Marital difference can arise. In later half problems relating to child birth will be removed. Take care of health of senior in family .you will make new friends Get your Love Marriage Report

Taurus Saturn Transit – Saturn transit it 8th house is Astam Shani position will generally keep you healthy. You may get sudden gains . Professionally it will be good year. There are chances of getting foreign connection . Get Saturn Transit Report.To join For Astrology Course – Click here. .

  • Advice - Keep a safe distance from speculation-based transactions, betting or extreme financial risks.
  • Don’t lend money to anyone, but rather invest in some secure bonds. The time between the middle of Feb to June year 2018 may not very favourable for you, leading to uncertainty and confusion. Avoid taking any major decisions during this period.

Seek an able guidance from your senior

Learn form past mistakes . Get a Personalised 2018 report

Remedy-Worship Devi Durga and Rudraabhishek.  . Get your Love Marriage Report

Gemini Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Geminis, Year 2018 is bringing lot of blessings for you. Health may suffer . Generally the year 2018 will be year of fulfilment but Saturn in seventh house can give delay in marriage and trap you in some kind of conspiracy. The tension can rise in family matters. Health may suffer chronic disease will take time . There will be delay but satisfactory progress in business and trade. April August can be challenging months . You will meet some one who will be beneficial. Rahu in second house in can cause difference of opinion at home . It can give sudden gain or loss depending on personal horoscope . In later part of the year there can be bitterness in relation. If you are planning to do something special for your loved ones, your efforts will reap results. According to astrologer and Famous Indian Palmist Nisha Ghai In 2018, you will have to make more efforts for name, fame, wealth and everything that one desires for. Overall, you should be conscious this year, According to the 2018 Astrology predictions, you may have unexpected gains almost the entire year is not good for love matters. If you are working with a firm and planning for a change, As per Horoscope 2018 there is beautiful chances of something better in life . So, don't miss any new opportunity grab it . Nisha says businessmen may have to work a little harder, and hard work always pays , If we talk about students, they will keep on getting positive results.

Gemini Trade Profession Finance Money  – Gemini’s are generally good business men. There are chances of new job people interested can seek .Do not relay on any one. It will year of challenges. You may not get good result even after hard work. But financially you can hear good news. You may buy latest machine which will enhance your business . In later half you can plan a pilgrimage tour.Get Personalized Career Finance Money Report

Gemini Love Marriage Relation  - – You may have lots of new friends but most of them will be opportunist. Family atmosphere will remain tense. You have difference of opinion with spouse. Progeny Education can cause worry. Try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.Get Marriage Report.

Gemini Saturn Transit  - - The year 2018 is not a progressive and favourable year for Gemini. Saturn in seventh can give delay in marriage. You can engage in mother health it may worry you. Take care of your health as well since not a very promising year as far health is concerned  Get personalized Sade Sati Report

  • Advice - Don’t depend too much on friends for support and help.
  • Businessmen should brace up to face setbacks or disappointments, caused by missed targets
  • Keep Alert of some kind of Conspiracy.
  • Drive Carefully.
  • Do not give Loan.
  • Help Some One in need . . Get Personalised 2018 Report

Remedy: Offer your service to the little girls. Keep Guru Yantra in north Direction/p>

Cancer Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Cancarians, 2018 will be year of hard work and confusions’ Apart from professional issues you will also get health problems . Most of the chronic problems will arise. You may introduce a new business technique or new venture. You will win over your enemies . Avoid illogical talking .The boss will be supporting, but juniors may not support you. If there is any issues related to property that will be sorted out. Since Canarians are sentimental people they should not take any decision emotionally. More efforts are needed to complete work else you may not be able to achieve your target . Family support will be less during this period. A sudden year for you in some matters. As per Astro Palmist Nisha there are very bright chances of marriage this year . For love matter do not insist any one since that may prove fatal. Be a little patient and act very carefully. Even for work related matters, 2018 looks quite slow. As per Astrology Prediction 2018 there can be transfers . Hurdles will remove by them self . There can be short travel due to work thought they may not be rewarding. Though your finances seem better this year, as per Astrology 2018 Astrologer Nisha says do not invest without judging. Health may concern you may suffer from fever and gastro .You just need to be a more cautious. Even for students, 2018 is going to be auspicious Get Love and Marriage reading today

Cancer Trade Profession Finance Money – Professionally this year you will get good for achievements you will take right decisions in your field of work. You may invest in land or property. Those indulge in foreign trade can be benefitted.  Get Personalized Career Finance wealth report .

Cancer Love Marriage Relation  - - You will get good cooperation of your family . There can be dispute with brother regarding property. Children education my cause tension in the beginning of year. You may have to bear separation form one of your close relation. Avoid being rude and harsh  Get Personalized Love Marriage report .

Cancer Saturn Transit  – – Saturn transit in 6th house can be fruitful to you. You will receive help form friends and colleague. New Job opportunities may come . You may be promoted. Student need special attention. Nisha Suggest you to control your angerGet Personalized Sadesati Report

Advice – Things may get a bit rocky on the personal front this year.

  • Overall, your relationships will require a lot of attention; avoid getting involved in arguments of any kind.
  • Married couples may feel that their relationship is growing stale. Be patient and make concerted efforts to cement these loving bonds
  • Avoid blind Faith on associates and partners .

Remedy:Donate almonds in a temple. Worship Lord Siva . And Wear Cahdraknta Mani Get your personalised Horoscope report

Leo Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Leos . 2018 has got mixed results for you. For some this year can be good and for some it will be adventurous. In the first half of 2018, You can face challenges or threats. Health and profession will be wavering . Jupiter is in third house assuring good finance and family peace. People in government job need to be careful in handling situations .You may have to face some troubles. Don't freak out, it is the time to test your abilities. As per horoscope 2018 and Astrologer Numerologist Palmist Nisha, you may get upset due to the behaviour of some of your loved ones, Rahu in lagan can give confusion and may let you undergo some surgery Till month of August you may suffer from emotional trauma . First half of the year may prove dull but the second half of the year looks better, comparatively; and your troubles will vanish away gradually. You need to be calm and be in peace. Also, you will get a good hold over the difficult situations with your intelligent planning. As per Astrology 2018 predictions Nisha Ghai the Famous Indian Astrologer suggests you to indulge yourself in spiritual as well as religious activities

Leo Trade Profession Finance Money  -You will get mixed results in business in year 2018.The expand char will increase. You may Launch a new venture by August . There will be more spending in repair and renovation. In January there can be income from Abroad. You may lose a big order. There can be tax related problems in the mid year. There will be plenty of Journey and most of them will not give any result. Keep your senior happy  Get a detail Career Finance 2018 Report

Leo Love Marriage Relation Family  You will be concerned about your child education. Your children will support you. Marriage may take place at home. The secret Love affair may get exposed. Students have to work hard and may not get responsive result. Blessing of senior is their Spouse health will put you under pressure  pressure Get a detail Career Finance 2018 Report

Leo Saturn Transit  -Saturn Dhaiyya has finished . There can be new relations . Avoid making lot of investment . More business travels can be seen . Stomach related health issues problems may crop up . New plans and project may not start . Students mat get disturbed and loose focus. Children may not listen you . Do not trust people blindly.. Get detail 2018 Satrun transit Report .

  • Advice - On the health front, there may be some concerns, caused mainly by working too hard and for long hours
  • You may feel that things are too dull, and may get frustrated. In your anger and frustration about your own situation, do not end up getting jealous of others.
  • Finances may keep you tense. Do keep hold on your expenditure.
  • Do not trust any stranger in money matters  Get a personalised 2018 detail report

Remedy: Donate barley to needy

Virgo Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

For Virgo, 2018 will be progressive year . You may meet some important person whose contact can bring Luck and financial gains. Jupiter will grant you fiancé but will also raise expend char . Position of Jupiter is showing that you may get various types of benefits. You never know how many surprises are awaiting you. It will be important to take care of your health Rahu in 11th house can give unexpected gains . For Love birds this year will be good you may meet your future spouse. People interested in marriage this is the best year . Progeny can also be there. Along with this, time is also favourable for work, business and education. 2018 is coming with lots of opportunities . But beware of allegation which can harm your to beware of your reputation . For students this is not good year . However, second half of the year is challenging You need to be alert and care full , Do not ignore any situation. 2018 predictions says that expenditure may increase and your health may also deteriorate in between. It will be important to work with patience and intelligence Get Detail prediction

Virgo Trade Profession Finance Money  Profession will progress. Promotion can take place. Long awaited business plans will be activated. Finances will improve. Hard work will pay Due to some high grade influence you may get a good order. People associated with export business can suffer .Second half of year after May can bring certain losses. Travelling will be more  Get detailed Career Finance Report .

Virgo Love Marriage Relation Family  - You will enjoy peace in family though there can be some differences with spouse and love relation. Your mood swings can spoil them as well . Ketu can give rift with brother There can be property related issues with siblings .Resolve them through negotiation avoid any long going conflict with family. Matrimonial prospects will keep you concerned. Health needs care.Get detail Marriage love 2018 Report

Virgo Saturn Transit  2018 Year will start very competitive . You may suffer form chest problems . Saturn transit can give trouble in job and business. You may loose a deal . It can give adverse effect to your domestic life . Dispute with mother can rise  Get Personalized Saturn Transit Report

Advice Be careful about how you communicate your feelings and thoughts this year.

  • You may have to do some extra work to earn extra.
  • There will be enough opportunities this year for you to earn extra money to take care of the extra expenses, so that by the year-end your accounts will be more or less balanced.
  • Some unforeseen expenses can be seen
  • Be careful about food avoid fast food and fried food or will get health issues
  • Avoid getting into arguments Get 2018 prospects report.

Remedy:Offer water to the Peepal tree regularly. Avoid blue colour in clothes

Libra Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Librans, Nisha says overall, 2018 will be promising year for you. Though health will be stable, you may suffer from chronic disease like diabetes etc . Trade and business will give you good results. You will be able to overcome with problems and win over enemies use your tact. In the beginning of year you can face transfer . Control on your anger is needed since it may hamper relations. There can be misunderstandings in family. However, harmony at home won't be disturbed. From the health point of view too, 2018 is not very good. Teeth problem will be part of your concern. . You may buy or invest in luxury items like car or home, In the beginning of year there can be confusion and dilemma regarding job /business. Sticking to decisions will improve work situation. According to the predictions made by 2018 horoscopes, Love and friendship may be beneficial. The beginning of year is not good for students. 2018 astrology predictions also foretell that you are going to do something special in your work this year. According to the astrology prediction 2018 you may get a professional jump. As per Astro-Palmist Nisha Ghai the predictions made by 2018 horoscope you will come over your legal case . However, you may save money due to the placement of Jupitar in Lagna... Get Annual Forecast for 2018 report

Libra Trade Profession Finance Money  You will have to work very hard to expand your business .The negative thoughts may strain you. Condition will be better in later half. Read property paper carefully before signing. Keep a check on your workers. .Efforts made this year will be fruitful. Professional connected with trade of land, electrical equipment, commission Gas etc will do fairly well this year.  Get detail career finance prospects

Libra Love Marriage Relation Family Family will be full supportive. Jupitar transit in lagna in Venus sign can give marriage . Progeny is possible . If you are single and looking for your dream partner, your efforts will bear fruit this year, friend ship bond will become stronger and may lead to an emotional and romantic attachment. Rahu in 10th house can give setback in work Get 2018 Annual prediction for Love

Saturn transit –Sadesati is over now . Time to breath .. Health will improve .You may get desired returns in money matters. Enemies and rival may give you tuff challenge. The expand char will be more . You can go for pilgrimage  Get Detailed Sadesati report for 2018 .

  • Advice-Be patient, maintain a cool temper and concentrate on your work. Be soft-spoken, take the initiative at your workplace, and you will make encouraging progress.
  • Your relationship with your beloved is likely to go through some rough time. Be tactful.
  • Do your duties honestly  Horoscope 2018 ask a question. . .

Remedy: Apply saffron Tilak (mark on forehead). Donate Jawar[ Barley] in temple on Sunday

Scorpio Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

In 2018 the Sadesati will bring pressure in life . Saturn been the Karma planet it will help you in realising your mistakes. In the beginning of the year you need to be extra careful . No improvement will be seen in legal cases . Hurdles will carry on but since scorpions are fighters you will overcome those. Expand char will be more. There can be surgical operation between Febuary to June . Although health wise year is not good but no serious disease is indicated . Be careful from conspiracy . People in Job must do their work with honesty As per the astrology 2018 Nisha says only the position of Saturn can spoil home peace ,. Horoscopes 2018 foretell that family harmony may hamper. 2018 is not much positive for love matters. There might be some disturbances in married life As per 2018 astrology predictions Nisha says , time is beneficial for people in job . Start listing down all the things you need to shop. On the other hand, students will get positive results in competitive exam Know 2018 prospects

Scorpio Trade Profession Finance Money As for your business expansion plans, its a year of challenge A constant pressure can give you night mare. Due to unexpected financial interception made at the beginning of the year 2018. Those of you who are engaged in the business of consumer products travel, overseas, you may expect things to improve. During August you may get into tax related trouble. Do not speak rude be aware  Get 2018 Horoscope report

Scorpio Love Marriage Relation Family

Normal year for and love but ketu in 3rd house will bring some misunderstandings in the initial stages of the year which may sour your relationships at home . Student may accomplish their desired goals in studies . You may find dream partner. Couple will enjoy good relations. Try to spend more time with familyGet 2018 Love and marriage report

Scorpio Saturn Transit – last Phase for Saturn Sade Sati for Scorpions . In the initial year you will face problem in trade and commerce. keep balance in food habits . In May you may face health problem. In September there is a possibility that you may suffer form injury or financial loss.Get Sade Sati Saturn transit report

Advice – Keep your accounts updated. Concentrate on work . Do not hurry in deciding important mattersGet Detail Astrology Report.

Remedy: Feed monkeys, and avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian food as well as alcohol. Wear shoes made of cloth.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Sagittarians, year 2018 will be year of Challenges. In professional field as well they may not get positive result. Due to Saturn SadeSati health may not remain good. You can suffer from joint pains , feet problem. Expand char will be more on health .The hard effort may not get expected results . You may face tiff challenge in job and profession. There can be foreign journeys. PR relations will be good. Friends and associates will be helpful. Saturn is in lagna house, so marriage matters need to be handled cautiously. But, you need not panic managing all this. As you know that a small disturbance in finances may bring what all types of troubles, work hard to stay at bay from any sort of problem. Only a calm and peaceful mind can do this. According to the 2018 Astrology predictions, you may also feel change in the behaviour of your family members. This change may even hurt you. It looks like that the entire year has taken the pledge to make you strong from all the angles of life. A feeling of insecurity may rise in you, which may also affect your health. As per the astrology prediction 2018, love matters may also stay a little dis satisfactory. On the other hand, in the second half of 2018, all your wishes will start coming true. Total bliss will again start flowing in your life, foretells horoscope for 2018. Nisha Ghai Famous Astrologer Numerologist Palm reader says that you may face allegation so be aware  How will be 2018 get prediction

Sagittarius Trade Profession Finance Money Make use of your money wisely since you may feel nothings improving in spite of many efforts . Your tact and patience will help you overcome those . You may loose an order and you may enter in Government related problem. You may under take short journeys. New partnership can come up . You may have to struggle very hard.Get detailed career business report

Sagittarius Love Marriage Relation Family In the beginning of year you may get love proposal. Students can travel for study. You may enter in relationship in the beginning of year. Though the relationship may not last for long. You may come forward to help the needy. Ask for romance love report

Sagittarius Saturn Transit -In 2018 Sade Sati will affect your marriage and financial status . More expenses can harm your budget. There will be more ups and down. Participation in social welfare can give you criticism. You can face an accident drive carefully. You may have foot problem . Know your Horoscope for 2018 know Horoscope 2018

  • Advice Focus on leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Work to improve your financial situation; increase your savings and investments
  • Keep an eye on workers Get career Prediction.

Remedy: Donate Ghee and potato in a temple on Tuesday.

Capricorn Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign Rashifal

Capricorns, Greetings for 2018 this is going to be a divine year for you . Your lord Saturn will be in 12th house will give you health and wealth issues.You can suffer form BP diabetes and heart trouble so keep check . Nisha suggest you to drive carefully since you may get into bumping some vehicle . There are chances of earning good profit in business. Avoid new experiments in work place . Astro Palmist Nisha suggests you not to borrow money since you will not be able to pay. You may get mentally disturbed in the beginning of year. Be alert from you subordinates in the first half of 2018. Beginning of the year will bring lot of changes . As per 2018 horoscope predictions Nisha says your outstanding planning will keep on giving you success. And you will leave a good impact. Astrology 2018 predictions foretell that everything will be quite happening at your place. Looks like this is a celebration time for you. Financial situation will also be satisfactory. You will get help from elders in 2018 . Students will be full of the joys of spring, as they will be getting success in each endeavour. However, in the middle of 2018, can bring turmoil . At that time, Jupiter will be in your tenth house. As a result, due to financial troubles, things may seem to be going far. Hence, you need to be cautious while doing everything. But, don't worry, this is the perfect time to judge your abilities of standing still under the heavy dark clouds. Along with this, it will be better if you think twice before investing anywhere  Ask for Detail reading

Capricorn Trade Profession Finance Money Money You will do well in profession if you will remain modest .You may open new venture. Good marketing will give you good results. You may get into long term deal or agreement. Money inflow will be good. You can plan a big investment. Some of your most awaited projects will start. You may gain steadily, in case you are dealing in luxury goods. Those engaged in construction or finance business shall have to remain cautious, especially when starting new projects.  2018 Career finance report

Capricorn Love Marriage Relation Family The year is not favourable for love and romance since you are an emotional person you may not express your love . Friends will be cooperative. Due to repeated repair of vehicle you may decide to sell it and buy a new one .Atmosphere at home will be congenial  2018 Love report .

Capricorn Saturn Transit - - Saturn Sadesati will begin in Jan its transit is going to bring challenges and controversy this year . In profession or career beneficial results will be achieved. This can be year of progressive for Capricorn . You may receive some happy news Health needs more care  Get Sadesati report now

Advice - Utilize your natural talent to earn money.

Student should study with devotion and give your 100%

Avoid being over confident  Ask a question

Remedy: Flow 6 coconuts with husk in every four months in the running water

Aquarius Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon Sign RashiFal

Aquarians, 2018 will be grand year for you . Health will mostly fine . Saturn in second house will help you to explore more February will be turning point some may get mental tension and frustration. You may feel some breach within your relations with loved ones. Your bitter language could be one of its reasons. So, try to be as polite as possible. As per the horoscopes for 2018 Famous Palmist Numerologist Nisha Ghai says you may stay stressed due to the health of a family member. But, nothing to be worried about, time will pass by swiftly. Horoscopes 2018 foretell that you may stay busy with lawsuits. But possibility of winning is there. Ketu can bring some loss as per 2018 predictions, 2018 horoscopes say that good improvement at workplace is seen. Try to sort out property dispute by negotiation. It is a celebration time. According to the 2018 astrology, income and education will also increase.   Ask for 2018 Health Prospects

Aquarius Trade Profession Finance Money Money Aquarian Natives are good in trading. Saturn in 11th house will make you more shrewd. Jupiter can bring foreign investment . Over reliance on some can bring you big loss. New contacts will help you immensely. You may get awarded. If you will take right decision you will progress more . You may invest in land or property and will get good return. Due to Rahu in 6 th house will give courage . Students can join small vocational courses . Ask for Aquarius Career Report

Aquarius Love Marriage Relation Family Astro Palmist Nisha will advice you stay in your limits with love relation . Saturn and Venus combination can give romance and affair issues. This is peaceful year for family. You may get engaged with some one . Beginning of this year is the right time for starting a new relationship. You can get help from old friends. Education wise students will get mixed results.  Get Marriage report

Aquarius Saturn Transit Through out year Saturn will 11nd house . This will give you judgmental and practical approach . Promise new opportunity . This also ensure good health . This year you may get promoted . work cautiously since you may suffer from financial loss . You also may buy land or property with the help of loan. Know about Mangal Dosha in your chart.

Advice – Working with dedication you will achieve targets

Do not indulge in extra marital affair

Do not invest blindly .Ask for Saturn report

Remedy:Donate yellow clothes to a priest.

Pisces Horoscope 2018 Astrology Prediction Moon sign

Pisceans, 2018 year will be mixed year .Your honesty will bring happiness in every field of life. You have to work hard to get the best . Saturn transit in 10th house will keep you comfortable financially. However, rude behaviour of some family members may hurt you. But, Nisha suggest you to just ignore. Seeing the position of Ketu ,, you need take good care of your health. In such situation, it will be important to keep an eye on your eating habits. Astrology prediction 2018 suggests you to drive very carefully. According to the horoscope 2018, and Famous Astrologer Palmist Nisha Ghai, time is good for love matters, but position of Rahu in fifth is not considered very good, comparatively. Hence, love and faith are the major ingredients that will always be in demand. Since Jupiter is in 8th house be aware of your rivels . 2018 horoscope foretell that you may get a better job. However, hard work and responsibilities may increase. So, be prepared. Also, there are good chances of the increment in benefits. Nisha Suggest you to cut down on expand char . It is a double celebration time, so many good things are coming your way. According to the Astrology 2018, year will be positive for education. Get career Personalized Report

Pisces Trade Profession Finance Money Saturn will support you . innovative ideas in business will bring more luck . Some of your efforts will not be appreciated. You will have to take some hard decisions to ensure and continue wealth and prosperity. Implementing new technique in business will enhance prospects You may have some new source of income . Lottery and speculation may not give you gains this rear.  Get 2018 Personalized Report

Pisces Love Marriage Relation Family  Comfortable year for family . 2018 will be important for education. But there will not be much success in love affair. Some of your friend may deceive you .After 18th April you may take a big decision for your child . You may buy a new vehicle in the middle of the year . Get 2018 Personalized Report

Advice –Do not trust Strangers

Avoid Speculation

Avoid taking big loans as you not be able to pay back Get Horoscope Astrology 2018 report

Remedy: Donate rice, jaggery and gram lentils in a temple

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